Interview with PPC Candidate Mike McMullen

The Truth About The People’s Party ft. Mike McMullen

“Biggets.” “Racists.” “White supremacists.” All over the media, this is all we see coming from other politicians about The People’s Party. But is all of this really true? Mike McMullen, PPC candidate of London West, generously sat down with Election Coordinator Bayan Saidam to discuss issues related to youth and to clear misconceptions we might have had about this party.


By reading a few articles online, it becomes obvious that PPC is on the right wing of the spectrum (lower taxes, lower services), but how exactly are they different than conservatives? Well it turns out that Maxime Bernier, founder of PPC, was actually a conservative before Andrew Scheer and him had a dispute over supply management. After Max expressed his opinion through a book, Andrew did not allow him to speak and so Max started his own party. McMullen explains the following reasons why PPC is different than conservatives:

  1. The People’s Party is a collection of the other parties. Conservatives speak about fiscal responsibility yet don’t actually fulfill it when it comes to coultry. Liberals speak about liberty and freedom, yet throughout the years elected, they’ve only shown more government control. The People’s Party takes these origins and actually delivers what they used to be through actions.

  1. Conservatives preach free speech, yet when Maxime disagrees about the coultry decision, he is told to keep silent. The People’s Party wants to have a conversation with all parties. They don’t dictate how you should agree or feel.

  1. Mike explains why he chose to join this party by saying: “I’m not a politician. I’m just a regular guy. I liked this group, I like this idea and I like liberty. But I also like fiscal responsibility. We bring people from different political stances and we have a conversation about it. We’ve seen so much control with the liberal and conservative party on what people should agree or disagree on. So many Canadians are fed up with all the parties and with all their empty promises. So we decided, we’re going to take our country back.

ECONOMY: Where is the money coming from? Where will you cut?

When it comes to budget, PPC’s want to create new jobs and build the economy. Although they want to lower taxes, their budget will come from the stimulation of jobs and the ripple effect of saving money. If people have more money in their pockets, they’ll spend on more things and businesses will thrive. They’ll cut foreign aid by billions of dollars. McMullen says, “We have to clean our own backyard, we can’t build roads in Africa if we have people on the streets, people losing their jobs and suffering health care. Canada gives money to Saudi Arabia to create green technology. Things like this only deprive Canadians of their necessities”.


Under 15k - $0

15-100k - 15%

100k+ - 25%

PPC does not want to interfere with the money people make off of investments and tries to lower housing and daily necessity costs as much as possible.

EDUCATION: Will PPC Reduce Tuition?

The other parties are offering free post-secondary tuition but is that goal really realistic? PPC says no. “There is no such thing as free stuff,'' Mike says. “The more services, the larger the deficit and the more you’ll have to pay in the future once that deficit becomes too overwhelming.” Mike explains that he’d like to see tuition costs drop but that what’s more important is a bigger issue that is facing youth today.

The Largest Issue Facing Young People in London West

London has some of the largest unemployment rates in the region and corporations are going bankrupt and leaving town. “The other day I saw a man who has a law degree working in McDonald’s drive through because he can’t find a job.”, Mike explains. Everyone is suffering and the future is uncertain for many youth graduating from University. There is no point giving free tuition if there are no proper jobs to take on afterwards.

What About Climate Change?

PPC’s agree with building pipelines but believe they can do so in a greener way. They believe in climate change but that it is important to focus on bigger polluters like China and India and taxing them instead. They don’t believe the world is in threat right now but they do want to reduce industrial pollution in major cities around Canada. The budget for that is unclear at the moment.


PPC’s want to repeal the multiculturalism act but no one really explains the why. McMullen breaks it down.

  • Canada has always been diverse. That’s what they’re known for.

  • Acting on the Multiculturalism Act will put people in boxes depending on their minority status.

  • Not all immigrants are the same - Canada will treat everyone like a Canadian citizen.

  • Everyone a citizen and there is individual responsibility that needs to be fulfilled.

When it comes to Bill C-21, PPC’s do not address it and will leave it for the courts to figure out.

PPC will not get involved in conflicts around the world. They’ll assist in the case of a humanitarian crisis but Canada’s problems are put first.

Finally, PPC’s believe they cannot truly reconcile after everything that happened but that focusing on concrete things like fixing the water system and creating jobs for everyone.

Thank you to McMullen for his time and knowledge and thank you all for reading.

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