Menstrual Hygiene Day

hello friends :) i am back and ready to talk about menstrual hygiene day! that is today, may 28th. menstruation is one of my fave topics to gush about, and i can’t wait to get started.

okay, that sounded really weird, but honestly, i do love to chat about periods. i think it’s super incredibly cool that our bodies get ready to make human life every month, and then when they realize it’s not happening, they can naturally flush out the infrastructure to patiently wait for next month.

maybe periods don’t exactly work like that.

see, my period has always been irregular, so i’ve been on the pill for about three years now. my very first real period happened just last week, believe it or not. i had cramps, there was actual bleeding, and i felt like a shitty lump. it wasn’t fun on an emotional level, but on an intellectual level, i thought it was so damn cool that my body can do that. i also was incredibly grateful that i had the products to deal with it.

i’m so lucky that i have access to liners, pads, wipes, and underwear to deal with my period. i can buy them at any store, use them, and feel hygienic during my period. this isn’t the case for hundreds of thousands of women around the world. it’s called period poverty, and it’s real and awful and it’s hard to fix as one period. fortunately, i have a list of charities you could support this menstrual hygiene day:

Bloody Good Period:

The Homeless Period:

The Period Purse (Toronto):

help to achieve menstrual equity by donating your time or money, or spread awareness about the universal need for menstrual products.

love you all,

isabella xx

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