Starting of Feminist Future

hi everyone! my name is isabella, and i am the girl behind feminist future! the concept for this subsection of being our future came from my frustration with a lack of resources that help girls out. it feels like in order to be successful, especially as a woman, you need very tight connections to people in the right places, or alternatively, lots of money. either way, it’s pretty unattainable for the average ambitious girly. enter feminist future. i want this sub-blog (i guess that’s what i’m calling it?) to be a space in which we can go to connect with strong women who have been in our position, and moved from it with hard work and dedication. guiding our future is a pilot mentorship program that will connect mentors and mentees (you! yes, you honey). watch this space for updates on that. we have a wonderful lineup of ladies that i can’t wait for you guys to meet. it’s going to be great. promise.

if you have any questions, comments, or just want to say hi, feel free to email me at i love to chat about music (troye sivan stans?), global politics, turkish van cats, climate change, and food network.

love you all,

isabella xx

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