Poem: Tribute to the Stars and Stripes

America, the land glistening in blue and white stripes

Foreign, and unaccustomed

With crimson red escaping the corners

“America is the land of opportunity’”

my Mami proclaimed

“You must prove yourself worthy”

America was my brother’s lustrous eyes when sparkling flakes cascade out of the bluest sky

The United States of America, the 'ideal place' to start anew

The place where my identity was stripped away like the dress of a Barbie doll

Hatred and prejudice has left my hands trembling in fear

This promised ‘freedom’ holds me captive and powerless in my own body

I suffer in silence, I hold no sense of identity

America praised and idolized by foreigners

And yet, under all this misery

After tearing down my integrity become an ‘American’

I ought to prove myself worthy


Thank you to Maria who submitted this poem about immigration in the US using her past experiences.

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