Ryan Brown

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Ryan Brown is a 16 year old advocate for many issues including, but not limited to LGBTQ2 issues, youth empowerment, and environmental change. Ryan also states “So many of these topics intertwine, especially within a field. For instance, modern learning and mental health work in education complement each other to strengthen the whole system.”


In the past year, Ryan was elected as the Student Trustee for his school board, where he was able to advocate for breakfast programs and individualized learning. As well, as Student Trustee, he was able to attend a variety of leadership conferences, but he mentioned that leadership has no prequestite!


One of Ryan’s most notable accomplishments is the creation of the first ever pride parade in his city of Owen Sound, Ontario. He was recognized nationally for his efforts, and was invited to help raise the Pride Flag on Parliament Hill. Ryan mentioned that he did find it a little difficult to balance school work and extra curriculars while planning the Parade, but brought up a great point, that “when you are passionate about something, you make the time.”


Ryan serves as an outstanding role model that change is possible, and he wants to continue to make change throughout the rest of his life. He shows the rest of the world that you are never too young to make a change, stand up for what you believe in, and make a goal reality.

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