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The Honourable Sherry Wilson grew up in a strong family of faith, attending church each Sunday. Her first job was working in the hayfields, followed by working on a horse farm. She studied Secretarial Business at Campbellton Community College, and eventually began to run a business. She reached out to others often and asked many questions. Eventually, she decided to run for office and is now the MLA for the Moncton Southwest riding in New Brunswick as a Progressive-Conservative. Her most important advice is to always think about others and do good to them. She says that helping others benefits you.

Mentee: Sophie Verbeke

Hon. Sherry Wilson

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Tiffany Astle is the founder of Penelope PR, a publicity company representing celebrities such as Jason Aldean, and Kira Isabella. She grew up in New Brunswick, spending time in nature during her childhood. She learned in her first babysitting job to go with the flow, and take responsibility for others around her. She studied History at Mount Allison University, and worked very hard to attend Humber College for a graduate degree. She now has built a bagel business with her husband, and has gotten to this place by not compromising on who she is and finding places in which she is comfortable. She practices yoga in her free time, and believes in always being herself!

Mentee: Chloe Moore

Tiffany Astle

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Senator Josee Forest-Niesing grew up in Sudbury, Ontario, living there for her entire life, save for the four years she studied law at the University of Ottawa. Her very first job was as a Supernumerary Special Constable with the RCMP at the age of 18, where she lived away from home for the first time and learned about police work. She studied Law and Justice and Political Science at Laurentian University, followed by Law at the University of Ottawa. After becoming stricken with a life-threatening illness and having to leave her career, Forest-Niesing was invited to become a Canadian Senator by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in 2018.

Mentee: Kaitlin Gallant

Josee Forest-Niesing