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Sophie-Charlotte Verbeke is a 15 year old girl from Calgary, Alberta. She is very passionate about advocacy for LGBTQ+ and women’s rights, along with psychology and politics. Sophie is a clear speaker who articulates her thoughts wonderfully, expressing her passion very well. Sophie hopes to learn how to make a change in her community by expanding on her leadership skills. In her spare time, she likes to read and kickbox!

Mentor: Hon. Sherry Wilson

Sophie- Charlotte Verbeke

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Chloe Moore is a high school junior from Ithaca, New York. She is the founder and director of March For Our Lives New York and a political director at Next Gen Politics Women’s Caucus. She aspires to become an English major and eventually studying law. She loves to write, create art, listen to music, and be in nature. She is a part of her high school’s model United Nations, and edits for her school paper, the Tattler. Chloe is passionate, and ready to take her leadership skills to the next level!

Mentor: Tiffany Astle

Chloe Moore

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Kaitlin Gallant is 18 years old, from Toronto, Ontario. She is graduating from Bishop Allen Academy, where she has been on the leadership team and the swim team. On the weekends, she volunteers at a nursing home and teach dance to children for the City of Toronto. She enjoys travelling, playing piano, tap dancing, reading, being outdoors, and visiting art galleries and museums. She is moving to Ottawa in September to study Political Science and History at uOttawa. She will also be working as a Page in the House of Commons!

Mentor: Josee Forest-Niesing

Kaitlin Gallent