Jasmine Lai

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Jasmine is a 17 year old, currently in grade 11 at Branksome Hall. She is originally from Hong Kong where English is not her first language. She immigrated to Canada when she was in grade 9 and remember being terrible in English. However, through encouraging herself with the faith “I can do it”, she overcome this obstacle and become who she is today. She started getting involved in politics early this year through participating in the Forum for Young Canadians, by spending a week in Ottawa, at Parliament Hill, where she was granted the opportunity to interact with different politicians, including MPs and Senators.


After this program, she found herself extremely passionate about politics. She became a member of her MP’s (Chrystia Freeland) Youth Council, and helped organize the book drive in her community.


Her favourite memories include meeting different politicians where I had never imagined to meet before, including our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the former leader of the NDP Party Thomas Mulcair, the leader of the Green Party Elizabeth May along with the Speaker of House of Commons and the Usher of Black Rod. Before becoming involved in politics, she was also a public speaker and a debater, where she competed at the National Championships for Debating and Public Speaking representing her school. She was the second runner-up for China Panda’s Cup 2017 across Canada and was the Champion for the 64th Hong Kong School Speech Festival. She has also competed at major debating and public speaking tournaments such as the Hart House High School Debating Tournament 2017 at the University of Toronto and the Western High School Debating Tournament 2017.


Her skills in debating and public speaking has inspired her to further involve in politics, as these concepts are interlinked.


Some of her biggest accomplishments include

  • Representing her school to participate at the National Individual Debating and Public  Speaking Championships

  • Second Runner-up for China Panda Cup for public speaking across Canada

  • Champion for the 64th Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival

  • Participating at the leadership program Forum for YC

  • Being invited to University of Pennsylvania for a university-level hackathon PennApps with a bunch of top college-age developers

  • Running her own non-profit Femily, raising the idea of Globalized Feminism.


She is the head founder and president for Femily Campaign: www.femilycampaign.com


Earlier this year, their team came up with the idea of creating a gender equality campaign, which mainly revolves around the pursuit of gender equality in Asia, where they believe the concept is not often mentioned or promoted enough. They have planned on developing different chapters of our events around the world, they definitely hope to have a long-lasting impact on the universal awareness of gender equality, especially among teenagers in all countries. Aligning with their original intention, they are putting this idea forward in the aim of influencing youth around the globe to know more about the rights they are born with and what they should be able to obtain.


FEMILY is founded by a team of youth advocates for gender equality from three of the all girls’ schools in Toronto: Havergal College, Branksome Hall and the Bishop Strachan School.  As a team of passionate, globalized gender equality activists, they are ready to make a change in regards to the existing gender inequality issue around the world, starting from Asia. FEMILY was started early this year in January.


As to raise global attention in achieving our aims for globalize gender equality, they aimed to start an influential, educational talk in Hong Kong, Asia in this summer. Fortunately, we have invited Dr. Leung Lai Ching from City University of Hong Kong, an associate university professor specialized in gender equality from the applied social sciences department to speak for us in an LWFSS (Lung Kong WFSL Lau Wong Fat Secondary School), a local school in Hong Kong. Through this act, they strongly believe the awareness of gender inequality could be raised in the Hong Kong community, where their objective in exploring and explaining gender inequality within different cultures, while raising the awareness of these issues as to minimize gender inequality in our society could hence be achieved.


Jasmine is set on pursuing a future where is in impacting the world, and shaping into into a better place.