Graham Gould

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I met Graham during my first year at Take Action Camp, but this was his third year at camp. Graham is a human who understands the potential of youth, and knows the difference he can, is, and will make. Graham started being involved with WE when he was 12 years old, but like many other people in the world became especially motivated to use his full potential after the 2016 election. Graham is returning to Take Action Camp for the 4th time this coming summer, but will be taking his potential to the next level with the Leader’s In Training Program.


Graham joined his constituency youth council this past fall, and is working to campaign against the use of plastic straws. I know that Graham will fully succeed in this youth council, because of the undeniable passion that is shown when he talks about making change. With his youth council he is working on three different youth sessions, talking about indigenous reconciliation, mental health, and environmental sustainability. They are going to various civics classes to run these sessions, to help grade 10 students understand these issues, and get them engaged.


Graham aims to give everyone a voice. He works to engage those who typically don’t have a voice in important conversations, and tries to make sure that those who aren’t typically represented finally get to be heard.


From his day to day activities being involved in and out of school, he still finds time to connect with those around him. Graham is one of the most well rounded students I know. He is able to maintain a high 90 average, while volunteering, participating in a variety of activities-arts to athletics, and still has time to be a passionate advocate. Wherever Graham choses to head in the future, the UN or overseas as a doctor he will make a change, and I for one, am excited to see it.