Emma Waye

Emma is a passionate, kind, and one of the most loyal grade 10 students in the universe.

I first met Emma after a student in our city was exposed for using homophobic slurs to other students and we both took action to call him out and educate others. Emma was immediately reacting to this situation; she didn’t let the stigma of calling others out for their ignorance in a  situation hold her back. But, although there is a large “expose them” culture thru social media, Emma uses her words not only to explain the situation is wrong and inhumane, but educates others and explains the way these words choices and actions are wrong. This is one of the most admirable qualities, because it’s very powerful to be able to channel anger and frustration towards ignorance, but instead of expressing anger, she educates so that hopefully others will understand the wrongfulness in their actions.

Emma is very passionate about many things in the world, and sees many things she wants to eliminate; ranging from sexism, homophobia, sexism, and every other form of discrimination. She is determined to show others to necessity in human rights for all, and will never stray away from sharing her opinion on a matter of issues that frustrate her. Emma is the human embodiment of the need for kindness, and she shows it. On Valentine’s Day, she bought flowers for multiple girls in the school, she compliments those around her when they need it the most, and she is always there being everyone’s number 1 supporter. She tries her best to show positivity, and in a world where we see so much negativity, she influences those around her to cut out the unnecessary negativity and spread positivity.

Seeing her on a day to day basis, she shows true confidence. Emma has relentless passion for expressing herself in the truest form of her existence. She doesn’t let others stop her from expressing herself and her passions, ranging from ending discrimination, BuzzFeed Unsolved, Strangers Things, and IT. Her confidence surrounding her interests and passions influence others to be confident in their interests, and to never let those around you stop you from expressing yourself. Although Emma is very socially aware, and realizes the negativity we have yet to rid the world of, she carries herself like she shows there are better days coming. She keeps her head above the sea of hostility, and never choices to bring negativity into the lives of those around her.

Emma is a lovely human to be around, whose unwavering confidence and kindness brings light into this world to inspire those around her.