Amy Callon

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Amy will be starting her first year at the University of Ottawa in the fall of 2018. Amy became involved with politics and social justice after an influential teacher told her “Amy, you’re a spitfire” and encouraged her to join her school’s debate team. Her first debate was at the second largest debate in Canada, where as she stated “I didn’t say a word.” But, she proudly returned a year later as the head delegate from her high school, and ended up leaving the conference with an award. From there, her passion sparked! Amy also has had the opportunity the be a Master of Ceremony at the first ever Global Student Leadership Summit, which brought together 1800 students and educators from 15 different countries! “This experience not only obliterated any left over bits of anxiety I had, but also empowered me to never turn down an opportunity- no matter how daunting” Soon, Amy looks forward to leaving the for China as a Canadian youth ambassador. Amy as well as 34 other young Canadians were chosen to represent each region of the country as they head to China to promote Canadian industry and culture in the world’s largest marketplace!


Amy is immensely passionate about Child marriage,

LGTBQ2+ rights, women’s reproductive rights, equality

of education, as well as many other issues! She also had

the opportunity to attend Forum for Young Canadians,

the National Youth Ambassador with Global Vision at

NYAC 2017, Audeamus Model United Nations Chair at

the University of Toronto. As well as being heavily involved

with politics and activism on a National level, she is also

heavily involved in her community and high school! She

is a member of the United Way London and Middlesex

Youth Advisory Council and the Kate Young MP Youth

Council, and is also a London Library READ Mentor.

At her high school she is a Vocal Music Extension

Student, a part of the Concert Choir, Poetry/Creative

Writing Club, Swim Team and is also Debate Team

Captain/ Head Delegate andn President and Founder

of Girl Up CCH!


She is constantly inspired by the work of other youth and leaders who inspire her to work to make the world a better place. As described by Amy, “I have found issues that I’m passionate about and I just hold onto my opinions and make them stronger through research and involvement. When I first started getting involved I had to struggle to push aside my generalized anxiety. I hate saying it was a barrier because it was part of the reason I tried so hard to get outside of my comfort zone. I have met several other amazing young women who have confessed to me that they too use their anxiety to fuel their desire to succeed.”


In the future Amy aspires to work with the United Nations and Canadian government as a diplomat, hopefully to advocate for women’s rights.


To all the youth out there, Amy says…



“Don’t let anything hold you back. Apply, apply, apply. You will

get rejections, at first. But then you will get that glorious first “congratulations”! You have a whole team behind you cheering you on, even if you don’t see us. I’M cheering you on!! There are so many opportunities out there- just a google search away!”